tee Forever 21, old, love this one, and this one // jeans Hollister, old (ripped by me) // flip flops Old Navy // hat Hollister // watch Fossil // nails Essie 'come here' 

camping has never been my first choice of something to do on my days off, but I have learned to really enjoy myself while out in nature. it always amazes me just how much fun I have, and how beautiful the world is

I especially enjoy the time I get with my husband. I don't know about you guys, but I need my time with him. we both work a lot and it's been more challenging to make time to hang out together and just really focus on each other. ( I'm guilty of getting caught with my phone in hand when I should be focusing on him ). this weekend has been fun, as has been a few other times we were out camping with family :) I come back refreshed, happy, relaxed and thankful for life. 

I kind of love these pictures ;) ( is that narcissistic of me?? ) I think we all have pictures where we feel good about ourselves right?? and I mostly really love these because Nash really loves them. when the hubs thinks you're hot and just can't stop telling you... you know you've got good pictures! 
 that's why I'm laughing so much - he's so stinkin' flattering 

I hope you were all able to enjoy your weekend! :) don't forget I've got a giveaway going on for Fancy Bands! check out that full post here
have a fun monday!! 

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