.fall prep.

.fall wardrobe.

I have been completely obsessed with these pieces for months! the instant I knew this Love bag by Rebecca Minkoff was coming out, I knew it'd be on my wish list! sooooo hopefully that happens for me! ;) also these booties Cara Loren wore on her blog a while ago, I've loved them ever since. they're beautiful and are also available in brown on nordstrom's website. 

have you noticed how much I've been wearing my black Marc by Marc Jacobs watch?? because it's been in every post so far this week... ahem. Daisy by Marc Jacobs has been my go to scent lately too. he just has been doing a lot of good for me in my essentials these days ;) good work Marc! 

thank you so much for reading today! 
I hope your week is going well and quickly! :) 

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