.a lil bit dressed up.

from L to R // love it // (sorry can't remember) // sunkissed // electric // rebel // totally hot

tee shirt c/o Fish Food Tees // pants Nordstrom Rack (they feel like pj's), love these, these are similar // wedges Nine West, old, more leopard options here // watch Fossil // bag Rebecca Minkoff  (on sale) // earrings Kate Spade, old, more here (love the mrs. ones) // sunglasses Target, rose gold version // lipglosses Victoria's Secret 

first off can I just mention how much I love VS glosses!? they're so pretty and I love how they wear, they're a sheer formula so the color isn't very opaque, but they still add shine and are great on their own for a little color or topping over a lipstick to make that extra punch :) ... and trust me, there's more colors too, so it's hard picking favorites ;) 

and then we get to this tee :) 
I'm a wifey!! ;) ha! I adore this shirt from Fish Food Tees! It's SO soft... seriously the softest shirt I think I've ever owned (that's saying a lot) ;) the beautiful Nicole that runs the shop is taking a bit of a break they're expecting a baby! and her shop will be closed until probably later in September! but I REALLY wanted to share my love of her quality and how excited I am for her new products to release when her shop reopens! you'll probably see this tee a few more times before then too, because it's that good. 

thank you so much for reading! have a fantastic weekend! 

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here are more options :)


.fall prep.

.fall wardrobe.

I have been completely obsessed with these pieces for months! the instant I knew this Love bag by Rebecca Minkoff was coming out, I knew it'd be on my wish list! sooooo hopefully that happens for me! ;) also these booties Cara Loren wore on her blog a while ago, I've loved them ever since. they're beautiful and are also available in brown on nordstrom's website. 

have you noticed how much I've been wearing my black Marc by Marc Jacobs watch?? because it's been in every post so far this week... ahem. Daisy by Marc Jacobs has been my go to scent lately too. he just has been doing a lot of good for me in my essentials these days ;) good work Marc! 

thank you so much for reading today! 
I hope your week is going well and quickly! :) 

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.black and gray // date night.

top Forever 21, similar here // skirt Seagull Book, old, similar here // heels Sam Edelman // clutch Grace Adele, no longer available, loving this one // watch Marc by Marc Jacobs // necklace J.Crew, love this one, this one, most similar to this one

here's my 2nd look of this 2 part series that I started yesterday :) I show how easy it is to take a simple outfit from work to date night. I swapped the big bag for a patterned clutch and the scarf for a sparkly necklace. 

I really love both looks, do you have a favorite? would you actually wear these looks to work then to date night? let me know :) what would you do differently?

I also did my eye makeup differently in these pics, lately I've been seriously doing the exact same thing every day and I got tired of it :) don't get me wrong, it's a good eye look for when you're in a hurry, but I wanted to step up my game and use my Naked 3 palette. I used 4 shadow shades to create this look, and it's one of my most favorite eye shadow looks to create a wearable smokey eye. be watching for a tutorial coming your way! 

thanks for stopping by! 

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.black & gray // work attire.

top Forever 21, similar // skirt Seagull Book, old, similar here and here // heels Sam Edelman // purse and scarf Grace Adele, no longer available, scarf similar here and here, bag - love this style // watch Marc by Marc Jacobs 

today's look is part 1 of a 2 part series where I show you how to go from work to date attire :) 
here's the first look for all the working ladies! this look is more professional or corporate. keeping it neutral but interesting. we've got pattern and textures going on. the colored shoe has color and texture, the scarf adds the pattern, and the bag is again, bringing in another texture. this outfit is basic, but becomes cool and fresh for fall and for work by adding new and interesting pieces :)

I adore how this look came together, I usually wear very bright and bold colors, but since probably mid July I've been craving darker shades, and lots more black! (which is totally weird for me, but I'm kind of excited about this new side to my style) :)

thank you for reading! check back tomorrow to see my spin on this outfit for date night! 

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.a little leopard.

tee VS Pink, found in store // skirt Seagull Book, old, similar // heels Sam Edelman // watch Marc by Marc Jacobs

I am in love with leopard. I am in love with black and white stripes. I am in love with tee shirts. 
so if you haven't figured out why this shirt is perfect for me, then you must not have read the sentence above ;) VS Pink has come out with some of the most fun tees this fall. they've been a must shop place for me for years, because I love their sweat sets and v necks, but this tee is just too adorable. I dressed it up by tucking it into a denim pencil skirt and added some fun, neutral pumps (this maroon counts as a neutral) :)
also I love these shoes, I bought them last fall and they'll forever be favorites, I've linked down below these same heels in other patterns and colors that I really like :) 

I hope you all have a stress free monday! ;) ha! if only there was such a thing! 

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.loving these shades.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 (on sale!)// 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 

I wanted to share with you today an outfit that I am just obsessing over! I'm in love with gold jewelry now ;) (thank goodness I got over just needing silver everything) and maroon/oxblood/burgandy (it's basically the same!) haha, and of course my need for booties for fall :) they're sooooo cute, and these sole society ones are calling my name!!!!

okay, and how cute can Marc by Marc Jacobs get with these adorable pretzel earrings!? you're joking right? I NEED them, anyone who knows me well, knows that pretzels are one of my main food groups ;) and getting more personal with an initial bangle just seals the deal, I've never really owned anything with my initials on it, but I'm seriously crushin' on this bracelet by Kate Spade

thank you for stopping by! happy weekend!! :)
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dream angels demi // I love this bra because of the natural lift and lace details, the memory fit technology allows it to form to your body, allowing for a custom fit.

body by victoria demi // I also love this bra because of the memory fit technology, it's extremely soft and comfy, perfect for day to day or lounging around

t shirt perfect shape (coverage) // this bra is basically brand new to VS and I'm in utter love with it! firstly, the marled look of the fabric is gorgeous and very reminiscent of a t shirt ;) and the level of padding in this is perfect for someone who wants a lift but coverage. like I said, I'm obsessed!

very sexy push up // this bra is a classic pushup bra, it is seamless under tee shirts, and has a very natural feeling pad inside, similar to natural breast tissue, it's very simple in appearance yet sexy and sophisticated

incredible push up // this bra was relaunched with adjustable straps and I love it! it's perfect for day to day or for nights out, or nights in :) I love the shape of the cups and the level of padding - great push up!

pink wear everywhere push up // can we talk about how gorgeous this color is ;) I love the burgundy shades this fall and the touch of leopard just takes the cake! I LOVE the level of padding in this style, it's seriously one of my very favorites and the price is on point .. 2 for $42.50 :)

vs sport knock out sports bra // I really enjoy the details in this sport bra, I love that there are built in cups (see below) so that you're fully supported yet the zipper closure keeps you covered. the marled fabric (again, I'm obsessed) is gorgeous and super fun for the gym!

these bras are a few of my very favorites that Victoria's Secret offers :) I wanted to cover the basics because bras seriously are the foundation for how we feel in our clothes, if you have the correct fit, you'll love the way you look in your clothing over them. you'll stand taller, feel more confident and prettier too ;) it'll be your fun secret that you have something beautiful on underneath 

thank you so much for reading! 

I'm very familiar with Victoria's Secret bras, I came up with this post on my own and am in no way being paid or sponsored to share these with you. 

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blouse c/o Kohl's, on clearance! // jeans Hollister, old // earrings c/o Fig Tree Jewelry // flats J.Crew Factory, old // watch Fossil // clutch Grace Adele (no longer available) 

taking our little pup for walks has been something that I've really learned to love and appreciate, especially since in NV we couldn't really go on walks (no sidewalks / grass area and loose dogs) I'm not a fan of big, loose dogs running up to me ;) haha, I'll pass on those opportunities. 

this summer I haven't worn shorts very often, I'm really quite disappointed in myself, I've been so busy and my legs are definitely not tan ;) so that's probably why. anyway, on to the outfit! this blouse is so bold and fun that I don't need a whole lot going on in the outfit to keep it interesting. the print on it looks painted and I just think it's so pretty. I love prints ... you're probably sick of seeing my 'uniform' ... a tee / patterned top, jeans, and interesting shoes, a watch and my hair curled ;) but that's honestly what I'm wearing most of the time, and I feel like the average woman wears those things on  a day to day basis too :) 

thank you for stopping by! 

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sweater J.Crew Factory, the Charley fit // jeans Hollister // watch Fossil // bracelet c/o Robjant Couture // shoes Payless // sunglasses Target // bag and necklace Grace Adele (no longer available) 

this sweater from J.Crew Factory has been a staple for me since last year, it's neutral yet bright and has a fun print, I love the way it fits plus it's lightweight, perfect for layering for fall, or alone for spring / summer :) 

I also have loved my "birkenstock" look a likes this summer, they're on sale too ;) ... check out the real deal here! I've worn mine so much this year that I think they're definitely worth paying the money for the splurge version.  

I failed to mention the winner of the Sigma brush giveaway that ended sunday night :) the winner was revealed on Tayler Stokes instagram :) thank you to everyone that entered!!! we're so grateful to you! and don't worry if you didn't win this time ;) more giveaways are always coming your way :) 

thank you so much for reading, have a marvelous tuesday! 

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