.print mix master.

now in my title I refer to myself as 'master' I don't know if that's 100% correct. ;) however I would say that I enjoy putting different prints together and I really wanted to share how I come up with what to put together. 

firstly, I'm not afraid of throwing random colors and prints together. ( you can't be scared of something not "matching", you just have to feel like the colors "go" together ) 

this outfit was pretty easy and simple because everything is a neutral. navy cardigan, white tank, nude shoes. check. the fun comes because of the polka dots and metallic pineapples finished off with a couple turquoise accessories and watch. :) 

because I had two prints that were polka dot ( the dots on my shoes are definitely more subtle and this is important when mixing prints, choose prints that compliment each other, not compete) when I first glance at this look my eye is drawn to the cardigan because of the stark difference between the navy and white.this outfit wasn't 'too' print crazy and the fact that there weren't many 'colors' helped keep the look toned down as well 

what do you think of mixing prints?? :) would you try this? 

have a fantastic day! 

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