.converse and guitars.

top Hollister // dress (worn under top) Kohls, similar // necklace Origami Owl // shoes Converse // rings Aeropostale (check in store) 

Kenzie is back as a beautiful guest on Stripes in Bloom :) what do you say??!! should we keep her? ;) 

she's so talented at singing and playing the guitar and she's going to be starting her senior year :) we're just going to continue to take TONS of pictures of her and her friends so that she can keep these memories (and maybe use some for senior pics?) ;) 

we are half Canadian so that's why we've got a Canada flag guitar strap, the guitar is mine, and I got it as a birthday present when I was 13 I think, and I took lessons but I never really gained a love for it the way Kenz has. ( I also don't have the voice for it ) haha

pairing a boxier, crop top over a dress is an easy way to wear the crop top trend, it's also flattering because the dress and top meet at the narrowest part of her waist :) converse had been high on her wish list for her birthday and she LOVES them. now the trick is to keep them white! ;) 

thank you for stopping by! have a wonderful day! :) 

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