.swimsuit season.

.swimsuit season.

swim suit season is approaching! I have a love / hate relationship with swim season, probably like most women ;) but hey, here's the thing, we need to just get out there and play, have fun in the pool with our families, enjoy and relax. not care what other people may or may not be thinking, because honestly, they're probably so worried about themselves being in a swimsuit that they're not even thinking about you ;) even though we like to think everybody thinks about us, they're not :) :) :)

so be confident, remember if you're too afraid to step out of the dressing room, you'll never actually wear it out :) I found some really darling one piece swimsuits at Old Navy. and I know that they have way more fits and options than just the 3 I chose to show today :) what I love so much about this year, is that one pieces are really "on trend" even though, I say WEAR THEM ANYWAY, whether they're the "trendy" thing to wear or not, I just feel better in them :)

glam : striped suit | bag | gold sandals

classic : red suit | striped bag | gladiator sandals

girly : patterned suit | woven bag | coral sandals

(everything featured is from Old Navy) no ... this post is NOT sponsored, I just like their stuff ;)

have fun swim suit shopping!! this was just for some fun inspiration and I love that these suits aren't really expensive (compared to other one pieces from popular brands)

thanks for reading!!!

don't forget today is the last day to enter the giveaway here :)

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