.simple solids.

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this look I wore on Mother's Day last week and just love the simplicity and sophistication, yet it's so youthful and vibrant :) (what a mouthful) ;) ! 

because the colors were so bold I chose to keep the accessories to a very minimal, I love touches of gold or rose gold, so pairing them with bold colors was definitely a do in this look. my bun and the fact that this shirt wasn't perfectly ironed ;) makes this outfit casual / dressy. and I like dressing that way, I love these shoes and needed an excuse to wear them. I feel like most people would pair them with something like a solid black dress or a denim skirt - but I really wanted to play up the color :) anyone can do that - find colors that you love ( if you're nervous to try this, start out with 2 colors to pair together ) you'll get more comfortable with pairing colors together the more you do it. another thing .... these colors work well together because they're similar shades, tones or whatever ;) I'm going to do a post ALL about this later on :) so stay tuned! 

we're in Utah and loving it! (sorry NV) ;) 
it is still taking some getting used to but it's been really great so far :) 
moving here has put us closer to achieving our goals and we're happy about that, Heavenly Father is watching out for us, and I know we just need to trust in His timing :)

thanks so much for following along on our journey and taking the time to read my blog!

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