.layering neutrals.

Berlin got a haircut last week and this is her first time on the blog since that happened :) isn't she the cutest??? :) :) she just loves being outside and even though we'd been having some colder days, I still managed to be outside with her and my family :)

I got my hair done yesterday and let me tell you, it's quite a change. ;) I really do like it, and the gal that did it is just fabulous and I really like her, she took really great care of my hair while coloring it and everything ... I just am not fond of change ;) regarding most every single thing in life. I look back to these "brunette" days of life and I just feel like it looks so beautiful and then thoughts of "what was I thinking?!" run through my mind, but you know what. -- it's JUST hair -- I can always change it back, it will grow back, it will be able to be cut short. I need to stop worrying so much about my hair. ( it's always been a dilemma ) haha! so there's my rant about hair :)

this cardigan I showed in my "mini haul video", you can watch that here. It's from Target and it just is so comfy and lightweight and perfect! I couldn't love it more :) 
I felt like a blousier tee shirt was cuter underneath of this long cardigan, rather than a snug fitting tee, I love that even though this look is primarily neutrals it still has personality and because of the small doses of patterns and colors it has depth :) 

I was never a watch person growing up, but I can't live without wearing one every day :) 
what's one thing you feel like you need to wear every day??

thanks so much for reading! :) 

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