H&M lately ...

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(2 and 6, I could not find on the US website, try in store) ;) 

I usually don't shop places like H&M or Forever 21, because a lot of their things are really "trendy" or geared to a young audience, but I have fallen in love with some of the things at H&M this spring :) I love how simple the pieces are, yet they look so chic and sophisticated. let's just say, I'm obsessed and NEED things from this wish list asap. ;)

my husband and I are saving up for a home to call our own, and it can get hard to resist shopping. so if I re-wear a lot of things that's because we're saving up for something better ;)
however I don't feel that we should completely cut ourselves off from rewarding ourselves. and H&M's prices aren't half bad ;) ( shopping is a reward for me, car parts are a reward for my man, reward yourself with a little something every once in a while) :) you deserve it

thank you for reading! happy weekend!

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