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foundation | mascara | eye shadows ( TL (top left) Texture, TR Soft Brown, BL (bottom left) All That Glitters, BR Wedge | lipstick | gold bag | "lipstick" bag : check in store at Forever 21

today's "go to" products were definitely my mascara and lipstick :) my foundation and these 4 eyeshadows have been staples in my make up routine for a while. this pink lipstick is called "baby doll" and it is the prettiest baby pink. I love it, and whenever I'm going for a more neutral and natural lip shade, I choose this one. 

so all of my shoes are either printed or bright colors, that's why you never see me in completely white looks ....which I think is really beautiful :) so white shoes are on my wish list! also loafers are such a fun alternative to a regular flat shoe. I love the preppy vibe they bring to an outfit :) you get a sliver of skin on the foot which I also think is really cute. 

thank you so much for reading! 
let me know if you try any of these products :) 

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