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this day was the first day being in shorts for 2014! so this was actually may 15 ;) I really was so excited to wear shorts, but I have had some really odd troubles with my self tanner, so that's why there aren't much leg shots (also I've had such an annoying bruise on my leg for like a week) so thumbs down to that! 

let's look past those two things and focus on how fun the layering necklaces trend is! I never thought I'd like it, or even for a split second thought I could rock it. but I found a couple necklaces that work well together :) I'm pleased. the trick is to find a simple chained necklace for the bottom one, and a shorter more bold necklace for the top :) 

today's a bit different, it's not too often I stay in a completely neutral outfit, leopard is a neutral ;) haha. anyways I really hope you're having a wonderful week! I feel like I'm really getting to know you (my readers, my followers, my commenters) ;) I recognize your faces and names and it really means so much to me that you're following along and growing with me :) lot's of love!

thanks for coming over! 

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