.shades of green.

.shades of green.

sweater | tee shirt | jeans | sandals | cross body bag | earrings

okay, first off ... how cute is the Bambi tee ?? ;)

I love this cardigan, I picked it up from Target a couple weeks ago, it's really comfy, and was a total "look for less" moment for me with -this- cardigan. :) I love when moments like that happen!
this cardigan is beautiful and is perfect for those chillier spring and summer nights. :) a neutral color can also be paired with most anything.

I know you just saw it worn yesterday but I had to show another way to way this cardigan casually
stay tuned for a dressier way soon :)

thanks so much for reading!!

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.layering neutrals.

Berlin got a haircut last week and this is her first time on the blog since that happened :) isn't she the cutest??? :) :) she just loves being outside and even though we'd been having some colder days, I still managed to be outside with her and my family :)

I got my hair done yesterday and let me tell you, it's quite a change. ;) I really do like it, and the gal that did it is just fabulous and I really like her, she took really great care of my hair while coloring it and everything ... I just am not fond of change ;) regarding most every single thing in life. I look back to these "brunette" days of life and I just feel like it looks so beautiful and then thoughts of "what was I thinking?!" run through my mind, but you know what. -- it's JUST hair -- I can always change it back, it will grow back, it will be able to be cut short. I need to stop worrying so much about my hair. ( it's always been a dilemma ) haha! so there's my rant about hair :)

this cardigan I showed in my "mini haul video", you can watch that here. It's from Target and it just is so comfy and lightweight and perfect! I couldn't love it more :) 
I felt like a blousier tee shirt was cuter underneath of this long cardigan, rather than a snug fitting tee, I love that even though this look is primarily neutrals it still has personality and because of the small doses of patterns and colors it has depth :) 

I was never a watch person growing up, but I can't live without wearing one every day :) 
what's one thing you feel like you need to wear every day??

thanks so much for reading! :) 

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.pineapple and pink.

top , c/o Kohl's | jeans | shoes, similar | earrings 

the pineapple craze has taken over Instagram ;) so I totally had to get in on it. these pictures were taken last week and I just think they're too fun ( I love being silly! ) ;) because I am a total goof . period . period . . .

also I'm getting my hair colored this morning ;) can you guess what I'm doing?? 

this top was a gift from Kohl's and while it's a bit different than what I normally gravitate towards, I do really love it, the colors are sooooo pretty! they're that perfect balance of some neon pink and orange and I love the unique, loose feel :) it's perfect for summer! it comes in other colors and patterns too! 

I went to Sephora and got some samples of some new skin / face and makeup products, so I'll probably be buying the full sizes of them pretty soon because I'm in love! the foundation in these pictures is the HD Makeup Forever foundation. it is a pricier foundation but you really don't need a lot for it to cover and they last a long time. My MAC foundation I currently use has been going strong since the end of November and I still have probably 2-3 weeks use left in it. I just felt like I maybe wanted to switch things up because my eyes have just been so irritated the last few months. I'm not sure if it's the foundation, the concealer, the mascara or my nightly cleanser. So I'm on a mission to figure it out. ;) wish me luck! 

have a fabulous day!! thanks for stopping over! 

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.dressing in dresses.

dress | slip extender | flats | purse | watch | sunglasses | scarf, Charming Charlie ( in store ) 

first off ... what do you guys like when reading this blog regarding the items listed in the pictures? do you like how I've linked the products today? ( I haven't listed stores, just links) or do you like when I write where I got them at and give similar options?? --- I've just been curious :) 

this look I wore for a day out shopping with my mom and brother :) I just woke up and thought, "I think I'll wear a dress today" and I'm so happy I did. it's super comfy and I just love the way it looks, it was a tad short and that's why I added the slip extender ( a lot of stores / boutiques carry them ) they're handy to have to add to any dress / skirt to make it longer :) 

I live in these Yosi Samra flats and seriously want so many other colors, if you're in the market for a good, comfortable, yet easy to slip on and off shoe - go for this option. 

I belted this dress because otherwise I felt like it was just too wide on me, and with these shoes ;) it totally looked like a nightgown and slippers ;) :) :) sooooo.... maybe I'll figure out a way to make it not look that way. if you have ideas, please leave them below or sport your own version and tag me on instagram! 

thanks for reading and have a beautiful day!! 

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.loving lately : splurge & save.

loving lately : splurge & save

watch : splurge | save

shoes : splurge | save

sunglasses : splurge | save

I put this together because these are 3 of my top favorite things for summer!
- a colored watch faced watch
- espadrille shoes (these particular ones shown above are actually both dupes for Chanel ones) ;)
- heart shaped sunglasses

:) I did get the mint Fossil watch above, I found it on a good deal at zappos.com ;) check them out

what do you think of these 3 fun, summer products :) which will you be adding to your wish list?

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v neck, forever 21, other colors | jeans, hollister, similar | shoes, tilly's (old), love these | watch, fossil | necklace, kate spade saturday, similar here

I hope you all had a fabulous 3 day weekend! I spent all last night working ... 10 pm til about 7 this morning, we're transitioning into a new temporary store while we get a remodel and I am beat! ;) 

I warned you, I love my v neck tops and casual jeans :) :) :) :) they make me happy! I just feel so comfortable, yet cute ;) this isn't frumpy casual and I like that a lot. I tucked this shirt in just a little bit in the front side of my jeans ;) I like the blouse-y look it gives :)

each and every photo shoot, I think "this is my favorite one" but then I take more pictures the next day and I say the same thing ;) however, I really think this outfit is in my top 10 "outfit photo shoots" it's so fitting for spring, and it's comfy and affordable, everybody can find a v neck, everybody can find jeans ;) it works! 

thanks for stopping by! 

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