.with laces.

pants, VS Pink, similar here and here | chambray top, Hollister, similar | shoes, Nike via Kohl's | hat, dads closet, love this floral one

it's not often that I wear shoes with laces ;) I thought it was about time I wore a "real life" lounging outfit with actual shoes! my dad would always tease me when I would wear ballet flats or flip flops that I wasn't wearing "real" shoes. Tennis shoes that cover your toes are considered real - because ... A- they protect your feet and B- because they're comfy ( I run around in heels and wonder why my feet hurt at the end of the day ) --ding-- lightbulb! 

I love a bit of brightness :) it makes me happy. fun tennis shoes can make even casual outfits / workout outfits that much more exciting to put on 

thank you for stopping by! have a great day :) 

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    1. :) thank you!! apparently these exact shoes have been on sales in a bunch of stores, kohl's, nordstrom rack are some that I know of.


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