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top J.Crew | jeans Hollister | flats Yosi Samra, also here ( runs small ), similar | scarf Charming Charlie 

I knew when I bought this shirt that it would be an instant go to and favorite of mine. :) I LOVE it! it's casual and easy to wear but the floral back just adds an extra-ness to the outfit. I wore this look with my bright pink Kate Spade heels and it looked really cute too. I loved the mix of the floral prints, I paired these two together because they both had similar tones within the pink shade, and the floral in the shirt was a smaller print than in the scarf. Prints are paired easier when one print is larger and the other is smaller in size.

okay, let's discuss white jeans! I LOVE THEM! if you don't have any... get some ;) they're seriously all I am wanting to wear these days. They go with everything :) however I am constantly paranoid if I've gotten them dirty. Wear them on days you won't be outside at the park, sitting on random benches, you know, dirtier stuff ;) 

- if you read nothing else - read below -

---- can I just say too that I want this blog to be somewhere that women can come and feel good about themselves. I want you to learn from the things that I'm saying, and try them out for yourself if you like them. :) I want everyone to feel their best, and confident, and just love themselves. I love 'real life', you know the "real" stuff. :) haha, we've all seen people that appear to have it so fantastic but we don't know their behind the scenes.... I want my blog to allow you to see some of the behind the scenes. I want to be someone whom you can trust and look to as a peer, I do care about you, I want to learn more about my readers, never feel scared about posting a comment :) I'd love to hear from you. Email me if you'd like to ask a question but would like it private. I want to be a friend through this online world. I have a youtube channel where you can hear my voice... ( I know that's weird, but I always wonder where I look at bloggers too, "what do they sound like?") I'm a real girl, going through real stuff, I'm married, I have had retail jobs, I've been through school, I'm just like you :) 

 I -do not- edit my pictures in any way, other than resize them to fit the screen better. Most shots are candid, I totally don't know how to pose. I do not retouch my makeup, brighten the lighting, or anything, what you see is what is real (taken by a nice camera of course) ;) but my mom and husband are the ones that take my pictures, we have no professional training but they're great :) get out there and try! do something that you love because what are you waiting for?? :) ----

thank you for stopping by :) have a fun day!! 
and let me know would you pair two florals together?? 

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