.blue is my color.

jacket, H&M | tank, Kohl's, old | skirt, J.Crew | shoes, Nine West, other options | clutch, Grace Adele 

pretty much all I've been wearing lately are shades of mint, blue, and green. I have always just gravitated towards those shades, I've got blue eyes and my skin is complimented well by those colors, and I just really like them ;) so I'm sorry but not sorry that for the last week my posts have all involved these colors ;) also, my clothes may not be "pressed to perfection" and that is because I had been living out of a suitcase for 3 weeks while these pictures were taken :) (forgive me) ;)
I love that this outfit is casual yet dressy and mixes everything I love. 
Leopard is a neutral and can be added to ANYTHING, I repeat anything! :) denim is also a neutral and I have been wearing this jacket nonstop! I love it, the wash is on point! this look has a great balance of tom boy (the denim) and the girly girl (the lace) and that is what fashion is doing these days, mixing masculine and feminine together. 

let me know your thoughts of mixing masculine and feminine
thanks for reading! :) 

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  1. Love this outfit! Sleek yet casual. ��

    1. thank you for your sweet comment and for checking out my blog :)


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