.on wednesday's we wear pink.

 top, J.Crew, same fit | denim jacket, H&M | jeans, Flying Monkey via Bohme | flats, old J.Crew, love these | bag, old Grace Adele | watch, Fossil | earrings, old Kate Spade | necklace, home made :) | sunglasses, Target | nail polish, Mod Square Essie | lip color, Babydoll Kardashian Beauty

I saw this funny picture posted on pinterest about today April 30th, 2014 being the 10 year anniversary for Mean Girls and I wanted to do something really, really special and fun, however life gets busy :( so I'm sorry, perhaps I'll have what I had planned on a different day ;) and for those that are waiting to hear about the shop bando tumbler :) it is coming!! ;) please be patient with me. ;)

back to today's post! "on wednesday's we wear pink" is one of my favorites, as well as one of the most popular quotes from the movie :) so here it is, I'm VERY MUCH SO wearing pink ;) pink is one my favorite colors anyway, so I don't mind one bit!

thanks so much for stopping by!
what's your favorite quote from Mean Girls?

here are a few of mine :
"she doesn't even go here!" ... "is butter a carb?" ... "she has two Fendi purses, and a silver Lexus" ... "you go Glen Coco!" ... "it's like I have ESPN or something" ... "if you're from Africa, then why're you white?" ... "on wednesday's we wear pink" ... "that's why her hair is so big, it's full of secrets" ... "that's so fetch" ... "the limit does not exist" ...... I could go on ;) you get the point

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a few pink things I'm loving :)

pale pink flats | wide brim hat | kate spade studs | bobbi pins 


.fancy pants.

 pants, Nordstrom Rack (in store) | tee, old, Forever 21 | clutch, Grace Adele (mom's closet) | watch, Fossil | shoes, Sole Society | scarf, Charming Charlie 

I have been searching for pants like this since last spring and I have had the hardest time because most of them are all so long, I have short legs and so I ended up looking like I was swallowed up by a ton of fabric, I wasn't about to have that ;) I was so lucky to find these a couple weeks ago at the Farmington Nordstrom Rack ($20!) plus they fit! :) :) :) that makes me one happy lady! ;) 

thanks for reading! :) 

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top, J.Crew | necklace, J.Crew, other colors | jeans, Hollister | shoes, Yosi Samra, other colors | watch, Fossil 

My husband and I went to Jamba twice in one week (when we were visiting in Utah) we are obsessed! ;) I got two different flavors, one with pomegranate, strawberries, mango and peach and another that had peach, strawberries and oranges :) YUMMY! 

This look is just a chill yet somewhat dressed up outfit. I love that it's comfortable yet stylish. The necklace elevates this outfit into something glamorous :) (because I want to feel fabulous, but I love my jeans and flats ) ;) These shoes have pretty much pushed aside my nude pointed flats, they're soooo cute and comfy! and I feel like this light peachy pink goes with everything - correct me if I'm wrong, but I like it ;) 

has Jamba Juice every looked so fabulous?! ;)

have a wonderful monday!!! 
and what is your favorite Jamba Juice drink?? 

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jacket | tank | pants | sandals | bag | ring | sunglasses | cup | phone case 

I hated birkenstocks when I was younger... really I HATED them, now... ;) I've changed my mind. I have been contemplating buying some and so to inspire myself I created a few casual looks that could be worn on the weekend, running errands or just chilling around :) I'm thinking they're a YES! 
What are you thinking??!! yay or nay!?

hope you're enjoying your weekend!!! :) 

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.makeup tutorial. neutral eye & a matte pink lip.

I hope you guys have a fun weekend! I'm sorry about this video being not very in focus. I'm totally learning how to get the videos to be better quality ;) I'm sure it'll come with practice.

Thank you for being patient with me.
 If you have any questions, requests leave them below :) 

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.on three occasions.

look 1 : details below 

look 2 : details below 

look 3 : details below 

I wanted to show one outfit and how switching out the jackets and shoes allows you to wear the same look but for different occasions and events in our lives. I hope you enjoy! and of course, all of these outfits are interchangeable and you can wear any of them to any occasion you'd like, I just labeled them for the purpose of this post. :) 

floral top, old, Bohme, love these options here, here and here | white jeans, Hollister | watch, Fossil | necklace, Grace Adele | sunglasses, Target 

look 1 : family get together : cardigan, Kohls, from sister's closet | shoes, Yosi Samra 

look 2 :  girls lunch date : denim jacket, H&M | nude heels, Sole Society, love these 

look 3 : a "real fancy" date with the man : blush blazer, old, Kohls, similar | pink heels, Kate Spade 

which look is your favorite?? :)
thanks for reading!

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