sweater J.Crew, solid version, bigger dot | v neck Hollister, similar | skirt J.Crew, same fit, peplum skirt, rose skirt, neon floral | phone case Kate Spade 

"whoop there it is!" another day of patterns on prints... 
what can I say, I like 'em! ;) I really wanted to show my cute phone case too ;) haha, if only I had stripes in this outfit somewhere. (my shoes were nude with pink polka dots) ;) eeh! (so cute) 
I wore this outfit a couple sundays ago, I just really want spring / summer to be here already, but I certainly don't want time to go by -any- faster. It's already SO crazy that we're getting to April! say what?! .. I know. 

this season's floral trend is based on big and bolder floral prints :) so go for it! 
I will be linking a few of my favorites. 

have an incredible Tuesday!! 

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