.night & day.

.night & day.

I'm in Utah for the weekend and I'm so happy to be back with family.. my husband and I have been busy at our own place getting new carpet so sorry for the lack of outfit posts, we haven't had much time. :) but I hope you've enjoyed the videos! Let me know if you've enjoyed them and if you'd like them to become a regular thing. 
This outfit was inspired by the fact that I dress pretty casually and sometimes I never know what to wear when I'm out with my hubby at night. If you don't want to change your entire outfit, just switch out your shoes and add different accessories. 
night look: 
The clutch I chose here for night has studs and is a bright scarlet (hello, sexy!). I paired it with classic bolder jewelry and to spice it up even more a red lip and black trendy heels!
day look:
   The clutch here is a brighter, fun, flirty color and with buckles (a much more casual detail), simple jewelry and neutral sandals compliment a still bold but softer lip in coral. 

 photo jensig2_zpsbad69f18.jpg

 {bags & jewelry all Grace Adele}

night look : clutch | necklace | earrings | lipstick | heels 

day look : clutch | necklace | earrings | lipstick | heels 

the winners for the giveaway are

essie polish : @jodiredford
notecards : @itze_monserrat
revlon matte balm : @itscarlie
(email me @ jensynjeppsen@gmail.com , your address please )

thank you to everyone who entered!!
 I had a fun time doing this giveaway and will be doing more in the future
;) maybe even the near future!! 

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