.designer look for less.

.designer look for less.

It's certainly been a minute since I've had a designer look for less on the blog.. I missed it. What about you?? ;)

-xo-xo-xo- Happy Valentine's Day -xo-xo-xo-
hope you have fun plans for tonight!!

This look revolves around print mixing! I love stripes and I love florals ;) duh.. "stripes in bloom" and so I had to put them together like this. Who wouldn't want a striped shoe and when I found these for $44 I was like "heck yeah" NEED to add those to my wardrobe. everything is stellar though.. just goes to show that you don't have to break the bank to look like a million, gazillion, trillion dollars! ;) 

Have a great Friday!

 photo jensig2_zpsbad69f18.jpg

splurge: jacket | pants | heels | bag | earrings | tee 

save: jacket | pants | heels | bag | earrings | tee

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