.closet decluttering.

something I forgot to mention is that when you're going through your clothes, if something is special to you and has a sentimental reasoning for why you have it. keep it. :) please keep it. I would never ask you to part from something that is an heirloom or something that was a special gift from a loved one... however if you're not wearing it, maybe store it someplace special. the closet needs to be a place for all things that we love and things we wear, we should have a great attitude for the clothes we wear and everything in it should be something that we would want to wear at any moment. 

another point I wanted to make but didn't in the video is that when we purchase new things, it's good to get rid of old things because otherwise our closet would just become a catch all for items that we maybe don't love anymore. I want the closet to be a place where we love anything and everything that we own. sometimes getting rid of old things helps us realize what we do wear and what we don't. it allows us to know what we should be shopping for to create a better wardrobe. 

thanks for watching!! happy monday!! I hope these tips helped and inspired you, if you have any more questions leave them below. :) thanks!! 

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