.workout / lounge wear.

.workout. lounge wear.

I think it's pretty common that everyone makes it a point to start their workout plan, and rededicate themselves to improving their health once the new year begins! I did this too... even though I do enjoy a good ole treat once in a while (maybe too often) and I also love sitting on the computer or couch for hours on end ;) I do love how I feel after a workout.... whether it's dancing, running, swimming, zumba, or doing a workout video I like to look cute. I've noticed the days that I put on a cute/ flattering outfit I work harder because I already feel a -bit- better about myself, more so than if I were to just wear huge sweats or even pjs.

What motivates you?? ;)
I'm a sucker for cute workout gear that can double as adorable lounge clothes.

Thanks for reading!!

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