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I want you guys to know how much I want you to be confident in yourselves. It's so important not to compare your beautiful self to another woman/ man/ or non existant being. I stopped looking at fashion magazines back in high school... so maybe like 4-5 years that I haven't seen a fashion magazine. I'm not saying that you shouldn't, I just know that for myself those magazines brought false expectations into my life about how I should look and how I should be. We're all beautiful and perfect just how we are. I don't airbrush or edit my photos that I take. This post is meant to be light hearted and show that these "photo shoots" are planned and so many pictures are taken to get the few that you actually see :) so please enjoy, take inspiration as you will but know that I do this blog for fun and I am a -real- person! a regular, everyday woman :) I don't own super expensive designer things, or have professional photographers calling my name, or free things given to me from fabulous brands. I do this blog because I love fashion and beauty and I want to share that love with you. :) please know that I am normal ;) well... you may not think that now after seeing these pictures. haha! but I just want my readers to feel great about who they are and how they look. if you want to be a blogger... do it. if you want to write a book, attend a class, start a new business, have a baby, get married, finish school, or just get to know yourself more... do it. this is the year that I will love who I am whole heartedly.. I will do it. 

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I do however really love my husband, dad, sister and mom for taking my pictures :) they have done a beautiful job and I love their support in this adventure!

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