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this is the Grace Adele Laguna cluster necklace, I love it and wear it all the time and unfortunately it's being discontinued, it's made with mother of pearl : found here

this is the Grace Adele Cheyenne necklace, I love the chain details, it's so pretty and classic. 
 found here

the pink bracelet is of the Grace Adele Lyra collection which is being discontinued : found here
the ocean earrings are in the Grace Adele Zeta collection : found here 

this is the Ocean Sadie bag with the Ocean Faith clutch 

the front pocket of each bag holds each style of clutch, this allows you to customize your bag using the many bag and clutch styles including all the different colors to choose from... so with multiple bags, clutches all in different colors... :) you have few chances of running into someone with your same bag! 

each bag has the same inside.. using the Grace Adele Intelligent Interior  your things can be neatly stowed away in the pockets and zippered areas (wallets and makeup bags fit perfectly)

this specific bag has a small slide pocket that is handy for a cell phone or any other small item

I love Grace Adele and genuinely think they have fabulous products! They have great style, they're on trend and are made with such quality! 
Thanks for stopping by! Grace Adele is still 10% off until tomorrow!

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  1. Some of my favorite things too! Just a reminder too that Grace Adele offers lifetime warranties on all their products! Love it!


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