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black shoes

A new segment I've thought of doing on the blog is a "get the designer look for less" what do you think? I did that today, and I really enjoyed this, I enjoy designer names but I think if you can get something pretty similar for less- why not do it?! :) I admit there are a few things that I'll splurge for (a Burberry trench ;), and anything Kate Spade) but at the end of the day everyone enjoys a deal. 
Thanks for stopping by! 
& let me know what you think of this becoming a regular thing. :) 

 photo jensig2_zpsbad69f18.jpg

to shop the featured shoes click on "black shoes" highlighted in pink. this will take you to my Polyvore account where you can purchase the shoes by selecting their images :) 

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  1. I love this idea! You do all the lookin' and let us know! I can't believe the difference in prices and yet you get such a similar look!!! :)


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