.stripes in bloom.

This outfit is the essence of Stripes in Bloom. ;) okay, it's a bit literal, but it's fun, bright, casual yet sophisticated- all I needed was a dash of gold somewhere and I would've been set. 
Welcome to where I live! This scenery is what I see daily, fields & gravel roads.. it's different from our Utah home but we've met some wonderful people here- ones that will continue to be our friends for a long time :) and I'm grateful we're here. 

 photo jensig2_zpsbad69f18.jpg

Top: similar, similar | Necklace: pink cluster, additional colors | Earrings: Grace Adele | Skirt: old, pink | Shoes: love these, Payless | Bag: Taylor , Clutch: Claire

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  1. pretty spectacular you are putting those pieces together! Love the look!


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