.neon dots.

The kiss was for my husband.. he's so sweet to be my photographer ;) 

Well guys, this was my favorite shoot by far! I don't know what it was… but I had fun and I couldn't choose just a few pictures. :) So I hope you like them. Also how funny is this weed in my last few pictures, I didn't even realize it was there until I got home. oh well ;) :) I hope you have fun plans for your weekend! and if you don't have plans… :) then yay! relax! 
I love you and thanks for supporting me! 

 photo jensig2_zpsbad69f18.jpg

Top: pop of neonstriped versionsolid | Jeans: love these | Shoes: black version | Bag: Shelby bag (new colors) Jane clutch | Necklace: Laguna Cluster | Sunglasses: old, love these

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  1. totally awesome pics! So glad you had fun doing them! Thanks to your sweet hubby for taking them! Looks like a wonderful sunny day!


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