.new years eve: eye look.

I primed my eyelid first with my concealer, then used blackheart and blended into the outer corner of my eye -not going above the crease- I swept liar into the crease and then used factory in the outer corner and swept it into the middle of my eyelid, I brought mugshot into the look by sweeping that into the inner and middle of my eyelid.

I used strange as my under the brow highlight, and mixed dust and burnout and swept it all around to blend it all together.

This is just another shot of the middle of the palette :) 
the colors are quite pigmented, I've had trouble with choppiness with a few of the more shimmery shades but they're pretty blendable and I do love the colors in this palette! 

I hope this was helpful! If you're interested in more beauty related posts let me know :) 
Happy New Year! 
be safe and have fun.

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.snowboarding season.

snowboarding look

I had my first season of snowboarding last year after my husband and I were married, and after falling.. a ton, I have learned to love it and I have a lot of fun. My husband is really good and he's so fun to watch. It's something that we'll continue doing together and when we have kids we'll involve them too. :) I've never skied. I think having both my legs connected is safer ;)

Have a wonderful wintery day! 

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.ladies in winter.

I love my sister and mom so much and I had the lucky opportunity to spend Christmas break with them. :) Nash spoiled our little family with a new camera so... of course photo shoot time!! Bustin it out for some afternoon outfit pics! Sisters thinking alike ;) army green and dark jeans. I love my moms' home, especially during Christmas she decorates so beautifully, and she really brings the Christmas spirit :) maybe it's because her birthday is the 25th ;) I hope you've been enjoying hanging with your family and friends too! 
Thanks for reading! and Merry (late) Christmas! 

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Kenzie | coat | v neck similar | jeans | boots | beanie similar

Jodi | coat similar | button up | sweater similar | scarf | boots similar | pants similar 


.designer look: blue bags.

designer look: blue bags

I like the idea of mixing typically casual pieces with things that a bit more glam/ dressy to get an even balance. denim jacket. staple. leather skirt. staple. black pumps. staple. leopard accessory. staple. 
this look is compiled of basics!! let's update your staples with some of these fabulous goodies! I hope you've enjoyed your week, I know I have! I love family time! 
thanks for reading! and let me know what designer items you're really loving but need a budget version :) I'd be happy to help.

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.holiday outfit.

holiday outfit

I love the holidays and while usually I'm in my Christmas pjs all day on Christmas, it's fun to dress up for parties and just being with family, I like being on the cozier side of fashion during Winter, so a warm cardigan and snood (scarf) are my go to's 
I'm dying to try the revlon color burst matte balms :) so why not a festive red lip!?

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1. Britt clutch | 2. cardigan | 3. tee | 4. jeans | 5. red lip | 6. Zeta earrings | 7. snood | 8. boots

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