.stripes + blooms - mommy and me.

I love mommy and me posts and this is just an extension from a post from last week ;) I just had so many cute pictures that I wanted to share! I love summer and everyone knows how much stripes and flowers mean to me and my kids ;) Navi is obsessed just like I am. so a trip to our local gardening center was needed! we love picking up pretty blooms for our yard and I just love the color and vibrancy they provide :) it's all so beautiful! 

Navi has been a wild girl lately - not wanting to wear any pants, just running around in her diaper outside - she's as sassy as ever (I'm terrified!) lol - and she's quite bossy. I'm trying to teach her patience and to be kind - she's usually good about being polite and saying please and thank you, but the past couple of weeks she been bossier than usual. I keep thinking it's just a phase and we'll all move on. please tell me this phase ends! haha. I really need it to end. being a mom is tough stuff, being needed all day, in all the ways. Indie loves me (which I am grateful) but if I'm in the room - I have to be the one holding her or she's so so sad. even when dad is holding her, if I'm around, she only wants me. please tell me this is a phase too. haha. it's hard because I'm trying to live in the moment but also wanting these hard things to end. when does the balance of it all come???? motherhood is a constant learning and just going with it battle. but it is so great. and at the end of the day, I love them so much. 

comment below if you love sunflowers or matching striped tees! 

my tee // Navi's tee 

both of our shoes aren't available anymore but my favorite places to find coordinating shoes/clothes are Target, Zara, Old Navy, Payless and Carter's - all these retailers carry shoes that are cute and trendy for little kids and offer styles that coordinate really well with adult sizes. the only tricky thing is when I was shopping for this post, I literally bought shoes for me at Payless + Target, picked up shoes for Navi at Payless, Target and Old Navy but none of them coordinated with the shoes from the same store if that makes sense ;) like the stores don't pre-pack them as a mommy and daughter duo - I had to do some major hunting! and it was kind of tough ;) I learned my lesson that planning twinning outfits takes a lot of work and a lot of research but it's so cute when it's all done right?? ;) 

I'll be sharing more mommy and me posts - along with coordinating/matching outfits ;) because it's just so darn fun and because I've got two girls - so why the heck not?! 

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.5 summer looks.

I'm so excited about my post today! I feel like it's been FOREVER since I have done a styling video like this and I love the 5 looks I came up with. let me know which is your favorite in the comments :) shop my looks by using the links below --- I'm not sure why my post wasn't letting me label them :( I'm so sorry - they should be in order or close to being in order of how they appear in the video! 

shop my looks below 

look 1

look 3

look 2

look 4 

look 5 

we're doing a pancakes + pjs party tonight for RS in our ward and I'm so excited about it!
 who else loves pancakes????

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.madewell vibes.

let me begin by saying that these jeans are the first thing I've ever bought from Madewell. I've always been a fan of their style but the prices had always intimidated me. and that's saying a lot because I definitely know how to splurge ;) lol with the Burberry, Valentino, and Manolo Blahnik's I have in my wardrobe .. but I'm also the type of girl that when I do spend money, I want to make sure I'm spending it on things I'll wear over and over, I want it to be worth it.

 are great closet staple pieces worth spending more money on? absolutely. do I sometimes feel I can find an alternative for cheaper? yes. that's one of the other reasons I felt I could shop other places than Madewell. I know what I like from other places in regards to tops and denim so I just never ventured out from my comfort zone. but I'm here to tell you .. jeans from Madewell are such great quality. I have washed these and the fit is still just so so good. the wash is fantastic and I didn't notice any fading. 

are they the most expensive pair of jeans I own? uhm yeah ;) but did you see the embroidery?! they're so unique - literally you'll never see this anywhere else! so they were a HAVE TO BUY in my mind :) which is funny that they're not even skinny jeans. normally I stay far away from anything that is a straight leg or boyfriend fit jean, but with these beauties - it didn't matter. I was going to rock them.

I titled this blogpost 'madewell vibes' because if you didn't know any better, you may assume my entire outfit was purchased there. I like doing that when I'm shopping. buy clothes that 'look the part' or have the same style as another popular or trending retailer. my shoes for example totally have the look that they are either Free People or Madewell - but they're less than $25 from Target! my hat I got a few years ago from Roxy, and my tee is Albion Fit. finding staple wardrobe pieces like a neutral hat and a striped tee will take your everyday looks and elevate them. they are classic items that can be worn so many different ways and will really be useful in your day to day style. 

this cute little bandana scarf has started a love affair in my life for accessories. I now have 5 hair scarves that I rotate through. coming up with fun, new ways to wear them is the best part. they're a pretty detail that just complete a look. tying it onto my bag strap was a great way to add color and some texture to my outfit. 

metal circle rings have been trending on bags for a while now but when I saw this one with the scallop detailing I knew this was supposed to be in my wardrobe. I love that the scallop adds a more feminine touch and keeps this simple, clutch bag interesting. I'm a 'little details' lover and I notice tiny touches like that. hence my jeans ;) flower embroidery? heck ya! 

tee // denim // shoes // bag // scarf, loving the color selection here // hat, similar here 

thank you so much for reading! summer is in full swing around here, we've already been in the 90 degree mark and the AC is on! lol you'll find us outside in the kiddie pool and eating popsicles :) what do you love to do in the summer??? 

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