.3 no heat + easy hairstyles with got2b® hair products.

post in collaboration with got2b® at walmart 

I'm excited about today's post because I teamed up with got2b® and I'm sharing a few hair styling products I love with you! 

I've made it a goal to not wash my hair as often. for a while in high school I only washed it once a week, and then I got out of that habit and it then become every other day or every three days. I'm now trying to stretch my in between washing days to every four days or so. dry shampoo has become my best friend ;) and hats! I was a getting tired of the dry shampoo I'd been using because of the powder finish. I felt it left my hair feeling cakey, and I had powder residue building up (not cute and definitely felt gross) so I knew I needed to make a switch! 

this collaboration with got2b® couldn't've have come at a more prime time in my hair care routine! I LOVE their Fresh it Up Dry Shampoo line. it leaves my hair feeling soft, lightweight and smelling  absolutely amazing and there is no white residue!* (after brush out). I can't believe how great of a hold the Volumaniac Bodify Hairspray has, my hair keeps curls overnight amazingly (which I used to have to re curl it every day!) now I only touch up a few pieces :) 

my post is centered all around 3 no heat and super easy hairstyles! I really try to not use heat when I can, and a quick tip that I do all the time is let it air dry, then braid it. I'll wear the braided style for a day, sleep in it, style my hair for the day and re braid at night. I'll repeat this process until my four or five days is up and then I wash and go through the steps again :) it's an easy way to get natural looking waves. the 3 hairstyles I'm showing in my video use this technique and would be perfect to get you through 4 days of not washing! 

1st day - braids .. 2nd day - hair scarf .. 3rd day - bubble braids .. 4th day - half up top knot

let me know if you try any of these hairstyles and if you post pictures tag me on instagram so I can see :) @jensynjeppsen 

which hairstyle is your favorite?? let me know in the comments :) 

look 1 ..
got2b® Fresh it Up Dry Shampoo - Floral Touch 

look 2 ..
got2b® Fresh it Up Dry Shampoo - Tropical Boost

look 3 .. 

you can find got2b® hairstyling products at walmart 

thanks so much for watching! don't forget to let me know which look is your favorite?
 and have you tried any got2b® products?? what are your go to's for amazing hair??

xo, Jensyn 


.what I'm loving lately.

above are a bunch of things I've had my eye on for a while and so I wanted to share what I've got in my shopping carts ;) who else does that??? hoards a ton of things in online shopping carts that (let's be honest) probably won't ever buy and then we'll be mad when they're out of stock ;) CRY FACE ... boo hoo! soooooo don't procrastinate and get shopping my friends :)

 thanks for checking it out - leave a comment with your favorite items!
 I want to know what you're loving too! 

 xo, Jensyn


.early spring shopping haul.

you guys, if you follow my instagram then you'd know that I took a shopping break in February and literally bought NOTHING for myself ... and with that 'fast' of shopping came the biggest urge to 'get all the things!' hahahaha ... so here I am now, broke again ;) because I spent my 'saved' money on all of the above and this swimsuit from Albion Fit (not featured above) - but you know what ... it's ALL worth it. I love everything so so much and I'll tell you that my 'fast' from shopping really helped me to realize that when I am shopping I shouldn't be impulsive. I really plan out my purchases now and think exactly about how much use I'll get out of what I am buying. I'm happy to say that I know I'll be sporting all these pretty things in so many ways all through spring and summer and you know that teal chair is a steal ;) so go grab yourself one!! 

thanks for reading my friends!! 

xo, Jensyn 

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